Saturday, June 4, 2011

Taz (Male African Grey)

Taz (aka “Roo”) has an amazing personality with the intelligence to match.  He’s 5 years old and LOVES to talk, sing, dance and whistle.  He’s one of the few who enjoys showers and gets excited when we pull out the spray bottle.  His vocabulary is comparable to Neo’s and they tend to have regular conversations with each other.  The chats usually go like this:
Neo:  Hey, Roo
Taz: Hello
Neo: How are you?
Taz: Grrreeaat
Neo: Can you whistle?
Taz: (whistles)
Taz is, without a doubt, a true momma’s boy who can never get enough head scratches from me.  He’ll let me hold him forever and rarely displays aggression.  When it comes to other people such as Ron, he’s not always as friendly.  His moods are getting better with age, but sometimes he gets grumpy and nippy.  It’s best just to let him be and pick him up later.  At night, when we put them away in their cages, sometimes I have to take care of him because he nips at Ron’s fingers.  It’s easy to tell what kind of mood he’s in by looking at his eyes.  When they’re slightly slanted, watch out.  But most of the time, he’s very gentle and outgoing.
Here’s a picture:

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