Saturday, June 4, 2011

Angel (Female Umbrella Cockatoo)

Angel is the baby of our family.  She’s 3 years old and loves to cuddle and scream, depending on her mood.  We are certain she suffers from a bipolar disorder but that doesn’t weaken our love for her.  We try to accommodate her “crazy” outbursts but it can be challenging.  She’s a devious little creature who lures you in with her sweet innocent eyes, her soft girly voice, but just when you least expect it, her crest goes straight up in the air and she screams bloody murder.  I think she’s got the crazies…
When she isn’t demonstrating strange behavior, she can be a huge ball of laughs.  She loves to dance to good beats and she talks up a storm.  One of her favorite lines is, “What are you doing?”.  Angel wants to be involved in everything so we make sure she’s always included (otherwise we’ll suffer from another episode of the “crazies”).    
Here’s a shot of Angel:

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