Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bunch of Chatterboxes

Here’s some of the latest words from the birds:

He’s been calling my name whenever he sees me.  “Hey Adrienne…. Adrienne!”.  He won’t be satisfied until I respond with, “Hi Taz”.  I just wish, for once, he would call me mommy…  J

While I was cleaning the cages this morning she asked, “How are you today?”.  After I responded, she then said, “Wanna go see daddy”.  Unfortunately, daddy was working today but he did stop home to see her during lunch.  She was a happy camper for the rest of the afternoon.

He’s picked up some interesting words these last couple weeks.  The other day he said, “Bang bang” followed by “Good girl”.  We know this originated from a trick that Neo does when she stands on our hand.  We use our index finger and thumb to make a pretend gun, we’ll hold it to her chest and say “Bang bang”.  She then falls backwards and hangs upside down without moving.  When I say “Good girl” she pops back up.

She’s a dancing machine and likes to say “Go Angel, go Angel” over and over while head-banging.  It’s quite a sight!

As far as we know, Moshi doesn’t talk but he does love to squeak.  It’s a very soft and feminine squeak that he’ll make when he’s happy.

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  1. Hello Ron & Adriennne,
    I saw the postin gon my daily visit to the petoftheday web site and had to check out your bird blog. Loved it. I admire your commitment to your feathered kids. And I so much enjoyed your blogs and photos. Don't stop.
    Ron-I see you served your country in Iraq. For this I want to express my deep appreciation and want you to know you are a hero.
    How is Moshi doing? I ask because he is your newest addition and was not yet comfortable in his new digs. They are all beautiful. God bless you.