Saturday, November 26, 2011

Parrot Update

It’s been 5 months since our last post and it’s about time we shared some updates! 
Here’s what’s going on in the Mason household…

Unfortunately she’s lost the remainder of her eyesight in her right eye and can no longer see.  She can see bright lights, such as a laser pointer, but cannot see objects that are directly in front of her.  It took a couple weeks to adjust to the change but she’s doing just fine now.  We moved her food and water dishes to the floor in her bedroom and put together a makeshift bed using towels and blankets.  She loves it and roams freely.  We make sure everything is always in the same place so it’s easy to find.  We also continue our usual routines and she’s on the couch every night for a 2-3 hour petting session.  She LOVES the back & neck massage and just can’t get enough!  If I fall asleep while petting her, she’ll yell at me and grab my arm to wake me up. 

We think Moshi has a big crush on Angel.  He’s so protective of her and will hiss at me when I clean her cage.  Angel seems to appreciate the attention, but she’s just too independent to take on a “boyfriend”.  So for now, Moshi is just a friend.  J