Friday, June 3, 2011

Andre (Male Blue & Gold Macaw)

Andre's our second bird; he’s 6 years old and will be 7 this summer.  If there’s one word I could use to describe Andre, it would have to be “entertainer”.  He goes out of his way to get your attention and when you finally look at him, he’ll do something goofy.  For example, if I’m busy handling one of the other birds, Andre will throw his food all over the floor and ring his bell (loudly) until you look over.  And when you finally do, he’ll wave his foot and say, “Hello”.  He’s a ball of laughs and he never fails to put me in a good mood when I’m feeling down.  I remember years ago, before Ron and I purchased our first home, we were living in an apartment that had a chandelier in the dining area.  Andre was standing on his playstand watching television with us when he decided to turn around, look up at the chandelier and repeat over and over, “Wow”, “Wow”, “Wow”.  My husband and I just looked at each other and laughed.  He’s such a goofy bird.
Andre has a large vocabulary and loves to dance.  He does a great Stevie Wonder (swaying side to side), and loves to bounce up and down when he’s happy.  He always says “Popcorn” whenever you give him a special treat (even though it’s usually not popcorn), he likes to lift his foot up and say “High five”, and whenever he’s eating something tasty, he’ll repeat “Mmmmmm” over and over until he’s finished. 
Before I go, there’s one important observation I have to share – when it comes to parrots, the boys are (by far) messier than the girls.  I blame it on the Y chromosome… 
Here's a picture of Andre on our deck:

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