Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birdie School!

Today’s the FIRST day of BIRDIE SCHOOL!  I’m going to teach all the kids (at least those who are willing to learn) numbers and colors.  I purchased a little basket, some mini rubber ducky’s (for counting) and some paper apples (for colors).  Before starting the class, I placed the basket in the middle of the room so the birds could become familiar with the strange contraption.  After a couple hours, I decided we were ready to start.  I pulled out all the objects from the basket and laid them out on the floor so they could see the individual items.  I returned the paper apples and kept out the four ducks, but hid three of them in my hand.  I placed one duck on the floor and repeated “How Many?” and then responded with “One”.  After a minute or so I moved on to a second ducky, then a third.  I’m saving the fourth duck for a later class.  Their attention spans are next to nothing so a 10-20 minute session is all I’m able to do. 
After counting I moved on to colors.  I pulled out the red apple and asked, “What Color?” and then responded with “Red”.  I did this several times before moving on to Yellow.  Interestingly, they were fascinated with the word Yellow so I was able to sustain their attention for a few minutes before moving on to Blue.  I cycled through the colors one last time before ending the class with a "Great job guys, class will resume next Saturday!"

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